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Kimberly Hawkins

4 ATX City Council - District 8

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I love Austin and I’m proud to say I live here, it's why I am running for City Council, District 8. But, something has changed. For the first time in 25 years of living in Austin, I’m hearing people say they’re “sick of it" and they’re leaving.


The other day, I heard a business traveler say he just didn’t 'get Austin.' Of course, the city may not be for everybody, but that statement drove a proverbial stake in my heart. Austin has changed.


I love to talk about how much I love Austin. But, so many things have been scrubbed in the name of 'real estate development.' The city keeps asking more and more of its citizens. Even a progressive like me is having a harder time defending it, much less explaining it. 


I’m a long shot, but if I were to be elected, I can promise I will put my heart and soul into making sure Austinites feel a return on their investment. That’s what I hear a lot of Austinites say they want.

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We need traffic solutions yesterday; expanding more routes and running more buses. A city saturated with efficient traffic solutions would have a positive impact on affordability, emissions (which we are behind on our goals) traffic and road wear!


One of the reasons I love Austin so much is it holds so much I love, like family. Even when my kids grow up and move away, they will always have a home in Austin.


That's why I fight for what's right. And, I also like to make common sense compromises too :)

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Austin, TX, USA, District 8 Candidate

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